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Start Using Computers, Tablets, and Internet

Android Phones for Beginners Handout

Computers For Beginners Handout

Computer Safety for Beginners Handout

Downloading Photos for Beginners Handout

Email Attachment Handout

Get Your Resume Ready Handout

Gmail for Beginners Handout

iPad for Beginners Handout

VHS-to-DVD Handout

Learn Every Day Essentials

Anti-Virus Software: Windows Defender Basics Handout

Apple iCloud Basics Handout


Excel Basics: Projects Handout

Intermediate Excel: Formulas Handout

Advanced Excel: Pivot Tables Handout

Advanced Excel: Table Data file

Advanced Excel: First Pivot Table file

Advanced Excel: Multiple Data file

Advanced Excel: Print Pivot Table file

Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides Basics

Intermediate Mac Handout


iPhone for Beginners Handout

Intermediate iPhone Handout

Microsoft Office Tips and Tricks Handout


PowerPoint Basics Handout

Windows 10 Basics Handout

Explore Social Media, Apps, and More

AirBnB Basics Handout [Library Edition] Basics Handout

Craigslist Basics Handout

Cutting the Cable Cord Handout

Digital Organization: Evernote Basics Handout

Google Calendar Basics Handout

Google Maps Basics Handout

Listening to Podcasts for Beginners Handout

Twitter Basics Handout

Create, Make, and Build

3D Printing

3D Printing Basics Handout

3D Printing Basics: Cookie Cutter Edition Handout

3D Printing Basics: Jewelry Handout

Intermediate 3D Printing: Free Form Sculpting Handout

Design Basics: Canva Handout

DSLR Studio Handout

How To Build a PC Handout

Online Image Editing: Pixlr Basics Handout

Phone Photography Handout


Photoshop Basics: Vintage Photo Fixes

Intermediate Photoshop: Family Photos Handout

Silhouette Cameo

Silhouette Cameo Basics Handout

Silhouette Cameo: Creative Wall Decor Handout

Silhouette Cameo: Water Bottle Design