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Using Computers at Elmhurst Public Library

Need Help? Have questions? Ask a Staff member!

Using Your Laptop

Connect to WiFi 

Available inside the building and throughout the parking lot.

1. Open up your network settings.

2. Select the network “Elm-Library”. No password is needed.

*Wireless internet provided by Elmhurst Public Library is a public network.

The Elmhurst Public Library has 80 computers available to the public as well as internet plug-ins and a wireless network throughout the building.


While Elmhurst Public Library is not responsible for your personal information, here are a few helpful tips to keep in mind when using public computers:

  • Never select “remember me” or any other password saving function.
  • Save to the hard drive/ computer at your own risk. The hard drive is erased when the computer is shut down or when you change from Windows 8.1 to OS X Yosemite (or vice versa). Patrons are encouraged to bring their own flash drive. Items saved to the hard drive may be accessed by subsequent computer users. Please delete any files that you add to the hard drive when you are done. Patrons working on sensitive materials may restart their computer when done working.
  • Remember to sign out of all accounts including email and close all windows when you finish working.


To Print from a Library Computer:

  1. Before printing, select “print preview” and review your work to make sure everything is correct.
  2. Select print. Choose your printer:
    • Black/White ($.10 per page),
    • Black/White two-sided ($.10 per page),
    • Color ($.50 per page),
    • 11×17 Black/White ($.10 per page),
    • 11×17 Color ($.50 per page).
  3. After a moment, a window requesting a job name will appear. Enter a user name of your choice.  When sending multiple printouts, using the same job name saves time at the print release station.
  4. Go to the print release station (on the floor where you are working).
  5. Type in the job name you chose when you sent your print job.
  6. Once your list of printout(s) appear(s), pay with cash or by using a credit card (Visa or Mastercard only)
  7. Once you’ve paid, select the print jobs you wish to print and they will be printed.

Note: Your print job will be deleted from the print release station after 24 hours.

Wireless Printing

If you need assistance with any of the following methods, please ask a staff member.

Note: Your print job will be automatically deleted from the print release station after 24 hours.

Method 1: Print from your Email:

  1. Forward emails and/or attachments to:
    • BW Printer ($.10 per 8.5×11 page):
    • Color Printer ($.50 per 8.5×11 page):
  2. You will receive a confirmation email with a Release Code and release instructions when your job is received.
  3. After receiving the confirmation, you can print your job on the 2nd floor by entering the Release Code into the print release station.


Method 2: Print Files from your Laptop or other Device:

  • Go to the Webprint page.  From here you can print files stored on your device or web pages unless they are password protected (e.g. your email account).


Method 3: Print from an Android or IOS Device:




Kids’ Computer Adult Computer Creative Studio
(Elmhurst only)
Graphics Lite Learning Lab Checkout a Laptop
Windows 11 X X X X X
Windows 10
macOS Ventura X
Web Browser X X X X X X
DVD + Music Player** X X X X X X
CD/DVD Burning Software** X X X X X X
Typing Tutorial Software X X X X X X
Microsoft Office 2021
Word • Excel • PowerPoint • Publisher • Access
Microsoft Office 2019 (Mac)
Word • Excel • PowerPoint
Adobe Creative Cloud
Photoshop • InDesign • Illustrator
Premiere Pro • After Effects • Acrobat Pro
Adobe Photoshop Elements 22 X (Lab) X X
Adobe Premier Elements 22 X (Lab) X X
3D Design
Makerbot Desktop, Sculptris, 123D Design
123D Make, Blender, Meshmixer
Logic Pro X
Sibelius X
Adobe Acrobat DC Pro X X
iLife (Mac)
iMovies • Photos • Garageband • iTunes
iWork (Mac)
Numbers • Keynote • Pages
Geometer’s Sketchpad Ask Staff Teen
TrueBasic Ask Staff Teen
Accessibility Software
Ask a staff member for details

** Ask at Service Desk for CD/DVD drive.

Technology Help:

Technology Classes

Elmhurst Public Library offers a variety of technology classes for all levels.

Start Using Computers, Tablets, and Internet: including Computers for Beginners, iPad for Beginners, and Downloading Photos for Beginners

Learn Everyday Essentials: including Excel Basics, Intermediate Word, and What’s New With Windows 8

Explore Social Media, Apps, and More: including Twitter Basics, Cutting the Cable Cord, and Social Media Basics

Create, Make, and Build: including Create Your Own Comic, Taking Photos for eBay and Craigslist, and Photoshop Basics

Business Center: including LinkedIn Basics, and How to Get Business From the Internet

Senior Technology Series: including classes to develop your skills with the iPad, the internet, and computers

Full class listings

Online Tech Classes

View and track your progress with hundreds of online courses with LinkedIn Learning.

Drop-in Technology Help

Stop by any time to find solutions to your tech questions. Our knowledgeable staff work with you to solve issues or suggest alternative support.


Select computers in the building have special accessibility features and programs. To check one out ask the circulation desk. More information

A Note on Filtering:

In compliance with the federally funded mandated provisions of the Children’s Internet Protection Act, Elmhurst Public Library filters all internet access. Computers on the first floor in the Kids’ Library are filtered for more categories of information than the second floor.

In accordance with the Supreme Court ruling on this legislation, patrons over 17 are allowed to view sites for research purposes. If a necessary site is blocked, bring your Photo ID to the 2nd Floor Information Desk for assistance.

Chat, instant messaging, and social networking sites are not available in the Kids’ Library.

For full details, see the Library’s Filtering Policy.


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