Visiting the Library: Elmhurst-Based Scout Groups

Elmhurst-based scout groups are welcome to one facilitated visit per school year.

Request your visit at least 2 weeks in advance by filling out the Scout Visit Request form. Applications are accepted August 15 – April 30.

Note: Visits are subject to staff availability and are not booked until confirmed by the Library Scout Coordinator.

Visit Options

Each visit is customized by the Library Scout Coordinator with the troop leader. 

Makery projects are designed to introduce scouts to the makerspace and learn age-appropriate techniques with the equipment. 


  • Badge: Sunny: Friendly & Helpful – Tour
  • Makery Project: Create a button 


  • Badge: Computer Expert 
  • Makery Project: Cut vinyl with Cricut and label a bin or decorate a mug 

Junior Scouts 

  • Badge: Digital Photographer 
  • Makery Project: Cut vinyl with Cricut and label canvas bag or use sewing machine to make pillow case 


  • Badge: Digital Movie Maker 
  • Makery: Design 3D print or laser cut wood 

Lion Cubs 

  • Badge: Animal Kingdom – Tour
  • Makery Project: Create a button 

Tiger Cubs 

  • Badge: Tiger Theater 
  • Makery Project: Label a bin with sticky vinyl using Cricut 

Wolf Cubs 

  • Badge: Howling at the Moon (skit) 
  • Makery Project: Decorate a mug  

Bear Cubs 

  • Badge: Robotics 
  • Makery: Cut vinyl with Cricut and label canvas bags 


  • Badge: Game Design 
  • Makery: Use Sewing Machine to make pillow case 

Boy Scouts 

  • Makery: Design 3D print or laser cut wood

Scout Resources

Items available for checkout include manuals and badge books.

Adventure backpacks are also available! Check out our introductory videos.



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