Exam Proctoring

Exam Proctoring

  • You must live or work in Elmhurst in order to have an exam proctored at the Library.
  • You must contact the proctoring coordinator at: proctor@elmlib.org a minimum of 5 business days before you wish to take your exam and before you have any exam-related materials sent. The Elmhurst Public Library is not responsible for exams that are sent without making prior arrangements. It is essential that you give your school enough time to send the exam so that the test will be here on the day you wish to take it.
  • When contacting the proctoring coordinator, please provide:
    • full name
    • library card number (or other proof that you live or work in Elmhurst)
    • contact information (email address and phone number)
    • a description of the proctoring services you need
  • We can proctor paper or online exams.
  • When the exam arrives, we will contact you to let you know it is here.
  • The Library does not require you to schedule a specific time. Your exam must be proctored within Library hours and end 30 minutes before we close. Those who need a calm testing environment are encouraged to come in Monday – Friday between 9 a.m. – 2 p.m.
  • Once the proctoring coordinator has notified you that your test is ready, Elmhurst Public Library cardholders can reserve Study Room 1 if they wish to take their exam in a study room. None of the other study rooms are appropriate for proctoring. You can book Study Room 1 yourself or call the Library for assistance. There are no computers in the study room, but Elmhurst Public Library cardholders may check out a laptop at the Checkout Desk.
  • You must present a photo ID at the time you take your exam.
  • This service is provided free of charge.
  • You are responsible for any copy, printing or postage costs. If no envelope is provided, you must provide a stamped envelope.  We can typically let you know about these details before you come in.
  • The staff member will read and follow all exam instructions. Any irregularities will be noted with the returned exam.
  • Staff members will not grade examinations. You will have to make special arrangements with your school if they normally ask proctors to grade exams.
  • The staff member who proctors your exam will sign off on the exam.

Proctoring Coordinator: Bryan Blank, Head of Adult Services

125 S. Prospect Ave.
Elmhurst, IL 60126
phone: (630) 279-8696
fax: (630) 516-1364


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