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Library Staff

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Director: Mary Beth Harper Marybeth.Harper@elmlib.org
Assistant Director: Marcy Rodriguez Marcy.Rodriguez@elmlib.org

Department Heads:

Administration & HR: Rita Andreuccetti Rita.Andreuccetti@elmlib.org
Adult Services: Bryan Blank Bryan.Blank@elmlib.org
Buildings & Grounds: Will Cotton Will.Cotton@elmlib.org
Circulation: Samantha Cresswell Samantha.Cresswell@elmlib.org
Information Technology: Neil Bonk Neil.Bonk@elmlib.org
Kids’ Library: Alea Perez Alea.Perez@elmlib.org
Head of Marketing & Communications: Rita Perona Rita.Perona@elmlib.org
Technical Services: Kathleen Murphy Kathleen.Murphy@elmlib.org