Guidelines for Kids & Parents

Library Conduct

While visiting the library, remember to be courteous and respect the rights of others. Parents, please review the following rules with your children:

  • Speak quietly so you do not disturb others.
  • Shoving and hitting are not allowed in the library, whether it is between strangers, friends or family members. Throwing books, puppets and other objects is not allowed.
  • Walk at all times. Running is not allowed in the library.
  • Standing or jumping on chairs, or climbing on furniture and shelves is not allowed.
  • People over seven years old may not lie on the floor.
  • Please leave books or other library materials on a table or hand them to a librarian. Do not leave them on the floor.
  • Covered drinks are allowed throughout the library except in the Storytime Room. Food may be eaten only in the lobby.

Child Safety

The library is a public building. You should not assume that children will be safe on their own in the library.

Children younger than seven years of age must be under the direct supervision of a parent or other responsible caregiver, age 12 or older, at all times while in the library. This older person is responsible for the child’s safety and behavior, and should remain in the Kids’ Library even while the child attends a storytime.

All children must be picked up by the library’s closing time — 9 p.m. Monday–Friday and 5 p.m. Saturday and Sunday. Library staff will contact the Elmhurst Police Department to provide custody for children left at the library after closing.

Please tell your child to ask for help at the Help Desk if they should ever get separated from you.

Adults unaccompanied by children (who are not using the Kids’ Library collection) are asked to remain outside the Kids’ Library.

Group Study Rooms

Group Study Rooms are available in the Kids’ Library for small groups of up to six people to meet for educational or informational purposes without disturbing those around them.

The study rooms are intended primarily for the use of students. No products, services or memberships may be advertised, solicited or sold in study rooms, except for educational services provided by tutors.

At least one user of the study room must present a valid Elmhurst Public Library card. The study room must be clean before the card will be returned.

Kids may have covered drinks in the Group Study Rooms; however, food is not allowed.

Group Study Room #1 may be reserved up to one week in advance for no more than one hour at a time. Reservations will be held for 10 minutes after the designated time. No one may make more than one reservation per week. All other study rooms are assigned on a first-come, first-served basis.

The Learning Garden

The Learning Garden is for children from birth to six years old with their caregivers. Please help keep this creative play space safe and clean. Leave strollers outside and do not use cell phones or laptops inside. No food or drink is allowed in the Learning Garden


The Kids’ Library staff presents programs to help parents foster a love of reading in their children, to help children learn to talk and read, and to acquaint children with the materials and services available for them at the library.


  • Only people with a valid Elmhurst Public Library card may register for library programs. A valid Elmhurst Public Library card must be presented at the time of registration.
  • The child must be the proper age or in the proper grade by the last session of the program for which he or she is registered.
  • Programs are deliberately overbooked, and waiting lists are not kept. Only people who are on the registration list will be allowed into the program.

Drop-in Sessions:

  • Advanced registration is not required for drop-in programs.
  • A valid Elmhurst Public Library card must be presented at the Help Desk to be admitted.


  • Only children registered for the program will be able to participate in each session. Guests are not admitted.
  • Siblings are welcome in programs where adult attendance is required, such as The Littlest Storytime, Mother Goose Time, Toddler Time, Rhyme Time, and Saturday Family Storytime.

Parental Responsibility:

  • Programs for children younger than three years old are designed as parent-child participation programs. There must be at least one adult in attendance for every two children. Most other storytimes and programs are for children to attend independently.
  • For the children’s comfort and safety, parents or guardians must remain in the Kids’ Library while children under the age of seven attend a program. Please be prompt in picking up kids at the end of the program.
  • Latecomers must report to the Help Desk before entering a program to avoid disrupting a program in progress.
  • Food and drink are not allowed in the Storytime Room.
  • Silence your cell phone before storytime begins.

Special Accommodations:

For ADA special accommodations for programs, please call the Kids’ Library at 630-279-8696 or TTY at 630-782-4310 at least one week prior to the event.