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Drive Up Window and Outdoor Book Drops

For your convenience, the Elmhurst Public Library has a drive-up window and two book drops.

Drive Up Window

The drive-up window is located on the north side of the building. It is adjacent to the parking lot. The drive-up window offers many services to the patron. You can pick up reserved materials, return items and renew your library card; all this can be done from the convenience of your car. The Library stipulates that if you call and request an item to be held at the drive-up window, you must wait one hour before you can pick up the item. The only service not available at the drive-up window is the issuance of library cards.

Outdoor Book Drops

The Outdoor Book Drops are on the north side of the building to the left of the drive-up window. These can be used twenty four hours a day and are accessible by vehicle or on foot. Both book drops consist of three separate slots. The slots are labeled for kids’ materials, adult materials and audio visual materials.