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Welcome Incoming Freshmen 2019! Here are the booklists I talked about in your 8th grade classes. — Patti Palmer, Teen Librarian

Action & Adventure                                      Contemporary (Realistic) Fiction

DC and Marvel Universe Novels               Fantasy

Historical Fiction                                           LOL! (Funny Books)

Mystery / Suspense                                      Paranormal / Supernatural / Horror

Science Fiction / Dystopian                        Science Fiction Series Novels – Doctor Who and Star Wars

Sports                                                               Time Travel

Graphic Novels & Manga

Looking for a good book?

Check out these lists & websites:


Publisher and bookstore websites just for teens

These sites include information on books & authors. Many include book trailers, author interviews on video, newsletters and contests. Many are also on social media.

Graphic Novels

Graphic Novel Publishers’ Sites:

Anime & Manga

  • Anime News Network News, anime episodes, feature articles & commentary.
  • NEO Magazine Features, previews, reviews & guides for anime, manga, Asian movies and games,written from the UK, the US and Japan.
  • Otaku USA Magazine Coverage of manga, anime, videogames and Japanese pop culture written from an American point of view.

Publishers and Producers Sites


  • Freegal Freegal offers over 15 MILLION songs to be streamed AND downloaded with new music added daily.  Find music from over 28,000 music labels, including the labels of Sony Music Entertainment. Create your own playlists, listen to channels, stream full albums, or simply download your music (and keep it!).  Mobile apps available for iOS and Android. With your EPL card, you can access 7 hours of streaming daily and 5 MP3 downloads per week.
  • Hoopla is a steaming media platform that offers access to over 100,000 music albums from Universal Music Group, Warner Music Group and eOne. Entire albums are streamed and there is a 7 day lending period for music. 10 item checkout limit per month and no waiting lists. Streaming movies and television shows and audiobooks are also available. Apps are available for iOS and Android devices.
  • All Music Guide Comprehensive guide to all types of music. Has in-depth information on artists and albums and audio clips.
  • Billboard Hot 100 The week’s most popular songs across all genres. Site also includes artist & industry information and reviews.
  • Grammy Awards Site for the music industry awards.
  • MTV.com Artist profiles, info on tour dates and music videos.
  • Rolling Stone Articles & reviews from the magazine, plus songs & music videos.
  • Spin Magazine News & articles from the magazine, plus videos.


  • Hoopla is a service that offers access to thousands of popular streaming movies and television shows, music albums, and audiobooks with no waiting lists. 7 day lending period for music. 10 item checkout limit per month.  Apps are available for iOS and Android devices.
  • Kanopy is a video streaming platform with a collection of over 30,000 feature films and documentaries. Start by watching the Criterion Collection, Great Courses, Sundance & Oscar winners!
  • All Movie Guide Latest releases, reviews, actor & director information.
  • IMDB – Internet Movie Database Comprehensive movie site with news and information on those who make movies & television shows.
  • Metacritic They also review music, TV shows, and video games.
  • Rotten Tomatoes Movie reviews, news and information.