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Elmhurst Public Library Strategic Plan 2016-2021

Prepare To Be Amazed!


Elmhurst Public Library enriches life in Elmhurst by providing opportunities
to connect, create, and explore.


Elmhurst Public Library is the place for discovery at the heart of the community.
The Library provides the support, resources, and environment for Elmhurst patrons to:

• Pursue a Love of Reading          • Engage with Technology

• Access Information                     • Connect with Others

• Explore Interests                        • Create and Innovate


The Elmhurst Public Library Values:

• Exemplary Service                    • Lifelong Learning

• Fiscal Responsibility                    • Diversity

• Intellectual Freedom                  • Innovation

• Priority to Elmhurst Taxpayers


Core Services

SPACES: Meet • Relax • Create • Work • Play

PROGRAMS: Experiences • Learning • Connections • Entertainment

TECHNOLOGY: Hardware • Software • Instruction

RESOURCES: Materials • eServices • People

Service Initiatives

PROGRAMMING: Provide an array of programs and classes that entice all Elmhurst residents to visit the Library

  • Focus on the arts, culture, and bringing diverse ideas and people to the Library for the enrichment of residents’ lives
  • Create programs complementing EPL’s new spaces and technology
  • Develop programs specifically geared towards 20-30 year olds

COLLECTIONS: Provide resources for the community that are most in demand

  • Expand digital collections
  • Actively promote collections so patrons check out items
  • Explore alternative collection ideas

MARKETING: Let everyone in Elmhurst know about everything the Library has to offer

  • Create an overall marketing plan
  • Focus on converting non-users into users
  • Place an emphasis on reaching out to the Elmhurst business community

SPACES: Develop engaging spaces that excite our patrons and encourage more visits

  • Create a maker space where Elmhurst residents can create, invent, and design
  • Renovate the Kids’ Library to meet the needs of the community
  • Explore the concept of providing a culinary education center for the community
  • Research solutions to increase parking


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