A guide to information at the Elmhurst Public Library

Reference Books

  • Diseases, by Bryan Bunch (J Ref 616 Dis)
  • Human Diseases and Conditions, edited by Neil Izenberg (J Ref 616 Hum)
  • Sick!: Diseases and Disorders, Injuries and Infections (J Ref 616.003 Sic)


Books on diseases, available for checkout, can be found under the Dewey Decimal call number J 616. Each individual disease has its own call number, for example:

  • Asthma [J 616.238]
  • Diabetes [J 616.462]
  • West Nile Virus [J 616.925]
  • Salmonella [J 616.927]

To find books on individual diseases, do a keyword search on the Library’s catalog, or ask a librarian to help you.


  • Health and Wellness Resource Center Includes health and medical journals and pamphlets, articles from 2,200 general-interest publications, a broad collection of Gale reference titles, drug guides and more.

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