African Animals

A guide to information at the Elmhurst Public Library

Reference Books

  • Amazing Animals of the World  (J Ref 591 Ama)
  • Encyclopedia of Mammals  (J Ref 599 Enc)
  • International Wildlife Encyclopedia  (J Ref 591 Int)


Books on African animals, available for checkout, can be found under the Dewey Decimal call number J 591.96.  Each individual animal has its own call number, for example:

J 598.5 Ostriches
J 599.61 African Elephants
J 599.638 Giraffes
J 599.6657 Zebras
J 599.757 Lions

To find books on individual animals, do a keyword search on the Library’s catalog, or ask a librarian to help you.


  • Scholastic GO! Nearly 1,200 articles on all kinds of animals, complete with information, photographs and Web links.
  • World Book Encyclopedia More than 25,000 encyclopedia articles for students from grades 4 through 12.