The Makery

Paper Cutters

The Makery has a variety of paper cutters and trimmers to meet your needs.

The Dahle 567 guillotine trimmer features a revolutionary safety guard that rotates around the cutting blade to ensure complete protection. Cut several sheets of paper at a time as well as mat board. The automatic paper clamp provides even pressure along the entire cutting surface and securely holds your work in place to prevent fanning.

The Dahle 508 rotary trimmer has a sharp rotary blade on an aluminum guide bar for precision cuts.

The Fiskars paper trimmer is great for scrapbooking to make precision cuts.

  • Cut length: up to 12.5 inches
  • Capacity: 1 sheet

The Dahle 448 rotary trimmer is great for cutting large sheets of paper printed on the large format printer.

  • Cut length: up to 51 inches
  • Capacity: 20 sheets

Cutting Mats

The Makery has several self-healing cut mats available along with rotary cutters, X-acto knives, utility knives, and quilter’s rulers.

Various Hand Tools

The Makery has various hand tools available to use in the space including hand saws, screw drivers, a power drill, wire cutters, pliers, clamps, a vise, grommet press, and an anvil.


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