Teacher Handbook


Lorel Hoegler
School Services Librarian (Kindergarten-Grade 8)

Shaira Rock
Middle School Services Librarian
(grades 6 – 8)
(630) 279-8696

Patti Palmer
Teen Librarian (Grade 9-12)

Kids’ Reference Desk

As the School Services Librarian and High School Liaison, we are designated to help teachers and school librarians with their special educational needs. We will be glad to answer any of your questions. The Library has materials and services available for you and your students. Together we can help your students have positive experiences when using the Library; in this way they will build the skills they need to become life-long learners.We look forward to working with you.

Teacher Borrowing Privileges

Every teacher in the Elmhurst school system is entitled to teacher borrowing privileges. Teacher borrowing privileges allow you to check out Elmhurst Public Library materials for your classroom. Teacher’s borrowing privileges are automatically renewed each year when we receive the current school rosters. If you are a new teacher or never had teacher borrowing privileges you need to come in to apply at the Checkout Desk. Please introduce yourself when you come in so we can put a face with your name. If you don’t know whether or not you have teacher borrowing privileges, just ask.For your convenience, your teacher borrowing privilege information will be kept at the Checkout Desk.

Library Visits

Classes are welcome to visit the Library for an orientation and tour or to do research for a special project. Librarians from the Kids’ Library and Adult Services Departments can give instruction on resources available in the Library for particular assignments, either for individual teachers or class groups.
To enable the School Services Librarian to plan a tour or program that meets your needs, it is important to call to arrange your visit at least two weeks in advance. As an alternative, we are available to visit the schools to do book-talks as our other duties allow.

Special Services and Collections


Teachers may call, email, IM, or use the Online Assignment Alert Form to request books for a school unit. We are happy to pull materials that are age-appropriate for your classroom and have them ready for you to pick up and check out for six weeks.  District 205 schools may also have materials sent to them according to the school van delivery schedule.


Informational DVDs may be checked out for three weeks to supplement classroom studies. Feature DVDs may be borrowed for one week. Feature and informational DVDs may be reserved for instructional use on a specific date. There is no charge to teachers for instructional use of DVDs. DVDs are available from both the Kids’ Library and Adult Services Departments.


Magazines of interest to teachers and students are available to be checked out from the Periodicals Department in Adult Services and from the Kids’ Library.

Elmhurst Public Library Databases

Anyone can access all Elmhurst Public Library databases while inside the Elmhurst Public Library building.  Due to restrictions by the database providers, a valid Elmhurst Public Library card is required to access databases outside the library building.  Teacher borrowing privileges do not include access to Elmhurst Public Library databases outside the building.


Computers are available for use in the Kids’ Library and in Adult Services. The computers provide access to the Internet, Word, Excel, library databases and more than 20 software programs that provide educational support. While any public library cardholder may use the Library computers, we accept reservations up to one week in advance for Elmhurst card holders. Read Using Computers at the Elmhurst Public Library and the Library’s Internet and Computer Use Agreement.

Assignment Alerts

ONLINE Assignment Alert Form
As committed as we are to our role as an Education Support Center for the students of Elmhurst, there is a limit to the amount of material we can provide. We urge teachers to consult with us about the availability of materials and information on a topic before making an assignment, to avoid frustration for your students. Even if we have many books on a given subject, these books can easily be taken by the first three or four students doing a report before the library staff is aware of the assignment.
Assignment Alerts help remedy this situation. When you notify us of an assignment you’ve made, we can pull the appropriate materials and set up a reserve shelf for the students. By restricting these materials to in-library use or shorter loans, the materials will be available so all students can complete the assignment.
Use the online assignment alert form. You may also call us and we’ll fill one out for you over the phone.


We can make pathfinders to EPL resources for specific assignments given in Elmhurst schools. Click the link above to see the existing pathfinders, and contact us if you would like us to create a pathfinder for your class.