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Access your Library account at elmlib.org/account

Set Up Your PIN You need a PIN to log into your Library account, use databases, and check out eMaterials. Set up a new one or reset your PIN.

Text Alerts Get hold pickup notices, courtesy messages, and notices for renewal on your mobile device. Renewing items is made easy by simply replying to a text. Text SIGNUP to 630-478-8575 or visit

Turn On Your Reading History Keep track of all the items you check out with your Library card! Just log in to your account through the Library catalog and “opt in.” Your reading history begins at that moment.

Freeze Holds Keep your spot in the queue and don’t miss your book pick-up while you’re on vacation!

Pay Fines Pay online with a credit/debit card. $2 minimum.

Renew Online Need a little more time to finish your current read? Extend your checkout online if the item is not overdue or has not been requested by someone else.

Suggest a Purchase If there is an item you want, simply complete this online form. We make every effort to obtain the item for you, and will contact you when your item arrives.