A guide to information at the Elmhurst Public Library

Reference Books

  • Explorers & Discoverers, edited by Daniel B. Baker. [J Ref 910.92 Exp]
  • Explorers: from Ancient Times to the Space Age, edited by John Logan Allen [J Ref 910.92 Exp]
  • Explorers and Exploration, edited by Marshall Cavendish Corporation [J Ref 910.9 Exp]


Books on explorers, available for checkout, can be found under the Dewey Decimal call number J 910.9. Books on individual explorers can be found under the call number [J 921], followed by the explorer’s name. For example:

  • James Cook [J 921 Cook]
  • Henry Hudson [J 921 Hudson]
  • Ferdinand Magellan [J 921 Magellan]
  • Marco Polo [J 921 Polo]



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