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Library Staff

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Director: Mary Beth Harper Marybeth.Harper@elmhurst.org
Assistant Director: Marcy Rodriguez Marcy.Rodriguez@elmhurst.org

Department Heads:

Administration & HR: Rita Andreuccetti Rita.Andreuccetti@elmhurst.org
Adult Services: Bryan Blank Bryan.Blank@elmhurst.org
Buildings & Grounds: Will Cotton Will.Cotton@elmhurst.org
Circulation: Samantha Cresswell Samantha.Cresswell@elmhurst.org
Information Technology: Neil Bonk Neil.Bonk@elmhurst.org
Kids’ Library: Sharon Karpiel Sharon.Karpiel@elmhurst.org
Public Information & Website: Cher Moore Cheryl.Moore@elmhurst.org
Technical Services: Kathleen Murphy Kathleen.Murphy@elmhurst.org

Adult Services Staff:

Programming Coordinator: Kim Calkins Programming@elmhurst.org
Assistant Head of Adult Services: Wyatt Fertig Wyatt.Fertig@elmhurst.org
Business Librarian: Cheryl Fortman Cheryl.Fortman@elmhurst.org
Commemorative Gifts: Gerri Nowoczynski ADSClerk@elmhurst.org
Digital Content Librarian & Special Projects Manager: Jeannine Lau Jeannine.Lau@elmhurst.org
Lead Technology Programmer Sarah van der Heyden Sarah.Vanderheyden@elmhurst.org
Outreach & Assistive Technology Librarian: Kristin Sanderson Kristin.Sanderson@elmhurst.org
Readers’ Services Specialist & Patron Experience Curator: Anne Swanson Anne.Swanson@elmhurst.org
Readers’ Advisory Librarian: Margie Kollbocker Margie.Kollbocker@elmhurst.org
Teen Librarian: Patti Palmer Patti.Palmer@elmhurst.org

Kids’ Library Staff:

Assistant Department Head: Gloria Walsh-Rock Gloria.Walsh-Rock@elmhurst.org
Middle School Services and Technology Librarian: Shaira Rock Shaira.Rock@elmhurst.org
Preschool Services Librarian: Sarah Burnside Sarah.Burnside@elmhurst.org
School Services Librarian: Lori Hoegler Lorel.Hoegler@elmhurst.org
Librarian: Lori Lorenz Lori.Lorenz@elmhurst.org
Library Associate: Allison Davis Allison.Davis@elmhurst.org
Library Associate: Nuala Maloney-Murphy Nuala.Maloney@elmhurst.org
Library Associate: Peg Martin Peg.Martin@elmhurst.org
Library Associate: Marti Valasek Martha.Valasek@elmhurst.org

Makery Staff:

Lead Creative Specialist: Josh Jurss Josh.Jurss@elmhurst.org
Creative Specialist: Ellen Bazzoli Ellen.Bazzoli@elmhurst.org
Creative Specialist: Dulce Goldstein Dulce.Goldstein@elmhurst.org
Creative Assistant: Kathryn Kielminski Maker@elmhurst.org
Creative Assistant: Alex Stezowski Maker@elmhurst.org