Teen Showcase Gallery

Who can enter?

Any high school student who lives in Elmhurst or goes to an Elmhurst school can submit their work.

How do I submit an Entry?

Fill out the form online for consideration. All mediums welcome!

What are the entry requirements?

  1. All work must be original, and created by the person submitting it. Works created by multiple teens can be submitted as long as all contributors’ names are included.
  2. The creative work should be presented/submitted as professionally as possible. Try to get as clear a picture or scan as possible and make sure there are not any background distractions.
  3. Each creator can submit up to three (3) pieces. Please submit each piece as a separate email.
  4. Content must be appropriate for all ages. Pieces deemed inappropriate by the Library will not appear in the gallery.
  5. All mediums of digitally sent creativity are acceptable. This can include: art, industrial design, crafts, culinary creations, music recordings, performance videos, and more! Please submit your pieces even if your work does not fall into any of the above categories…we might have missed other popular forms and want to get a wide variety in our Gallery.
  6. The Library will not be accepting any physical forms of art. Everything must be submitted digitally.
  7. By submitting digital copies/images of your art to us, you are giving permission to the Elmhurst Public Library to post it on our Teen Showcase Gallery and social media sites. You are also giving us permission to possibly use it in advertisements for the program.
  8. All works will be credited to the original artists/creators.


Send an email to eplteen@elmlib.org or contact the Teen Librarian, Libby Mercado by phone at (630) 279-8696.


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