Preschool Teacher Handbook

An Introduction to the Elmhurst Public Library for Preschool Teachers


One of the Library’s roles is to serve as a Preschoolers’ Door to Learning. As the preschool coordinator, I assist preschool teachers in finding appropriate library materials and to present storytime programs to preschool classes. I have greatly enjoyed working with Elmhurst preschool teachers in the past, and I look forward to seeing you this year. To request that a collection of books be pulled or to schedule a classroom visit, please call me at 630-279-8696.

Katie Stringwell
Early Literacy Librarian

Privileges and Responsibilities

Not-for-profit preschool and day care centers that are not home-based and are within the city limits of Elmhurst are entitled to an Elmhurst Public Library Preschool Card. This card entitles you to:

  • Place requests over the phone for classroom collections gathered by library staff. Please give one week’s notice. Call 630-279-8696, or email us at You may give us a list of your topics for the term, and we will have the materials ready for you on an assigned day. Book collections of less than 20 items may be picked up at the Drive-Up Window.
  • NEW this year: please take only three holiday items (excluding Christmas) at a time, so we can fill all the requests for holiday materials.
  • Select materials yourself for classroom use.
  • Check out materials without incurring overdue fines.
  • Elmhurst teachers may take items from the book sale room, free of charge. You must have your teacher’s ID from an Elmhurst school with you.
  • Sign up for a monthly email, “What’s New in Picture Books?” here.

How to Apply

The director of your preschool must send a letter to the library on the school’s letterhead stating that the preschool accepts responsibility for materials checked out by their preschool teachers and listing the names of the teachers who are authorized to take out materials on the preschool’s card. The preschool accepts responsibility for replacement costs for materials that are not returned.

Special Collections

  • DVDs may be checked out at no charge for classroom use.
  • Big Picture Books – Large-size children’s books for reading aloud to groups of children.
  • Read-Alongs: picture books with audiobook on CD
  • Music CDs
  • Bilingual and Foreign Language books and music
  • Toys: puppets, puzzles, and adaptive toys for children with special needs
  • Computers are available for use in the Kids’ Library. Some features include:
    • more than 25 software programs.
    • Boardmaker software for use with children with special needs.
  • Kids’ Bags to Go: themed kits
  • Launchpads: tablets preloaded with educational apps for children in preschool and older
  • Board Games

Classroom and Library Visits

Preschool classes are invited to the Elmhurst Public Library every April for a 30-minute program that includes stories, songs, and a puppet show.

You may arrange one additional storytime to be held in your classroom and one additional storytime to be held in the library. To enable the preschool coordinator to plan a program that meets your students’ needs, it is important to call 630-279-8696 to arrange the visit at least three weeks in advance.