Welcome to the Storytime for Grown-Ups Podcast!

Stories have the power to inspire and change us; being read to stimulates our brains, expands our imaginations and is just plain fun! Click on an episode below to listen and enjoy.

Episode 12…

The Car Door Ding  by Paul Reiser


Episode 11…

[2 essay selections]  by Nora Ephron
The Cycle  by Duard Mosley

Episode 10…

In Praise of Dinner Table Silence  by Shirley Jackson
Our Daily Bread  by Max Brand

Episode 9…

My Life with R. H. Macy  by Shirley Jackson
The Witch  by Shirley Jackson
The Terrible Old Man  by H. P. Lovecraft


Episode 8…

The Lake  by Ray Bradbury
The Emissary  by Ray Bradbury


Episode 7…

The Black Pumpkin  by Dean Koontz


Episode 6…

Donkey Business  by Rick Bragg
The Bet  by Anton Chekhov


Episode 5…

Father of the Groom  by Dave Barry
Wasps’ Nest  by Agatha Christie


Episode 4…

The Highwayman  by Alfred Noyes
The Hangman 
by Ian Rankin


Episode 3…

[a variety of selections]  by Shel Silverstein
The Cask of Amontillado  by Edgar Allen Poe
Casey at the Bat  by Ernest Thayer


Episode 2…

Yellow Panties  by Duard Mosley
James’s Arrival  by Paul Heinz


Episode 1…

I’m My Own Grandpa  by Moe Jaffe & Dwight Latham
The Landlady  by Roald Dahl

Storytime for Grownups is recorded at Elmhurst Public Library’s Creative Studio Lab.
Directed and edited by Josh Jurss • Produced and hosted by Margie Kollbocker • Stories narrated by Duard Mosley.
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