Voter Information

Due to COVID-19, all 2020 General Election voters are encouraged to cast a ballot prior to Election Day, either through voting by mail or during in-person early voting. Requests to vote by mail must be received by the Election Authority by 10/29/2020, but voters are encouraged to submit their applications as early as possible.

The first wave of vote by mail ballots will be sent out on 9/24/2020 and may take 4-5 business days to arrive at voters’ mailboxes. To make sure your vote by mail ballot gets counted, fill it out and mail it back as soon as possible. To be counted, the ballot must be postmarked by election day.

  • DuPage County Election Commission Access information about registering in person, online, or by mail to vote in DuPage County.
  • DuPage County Voter Lookup Get a personalized list of the candidates and issues on the ballot for your residence, your voter registration status, and your local polling place address.
  • Upcoming Election Dates in DuPage County
  • Illinois Voter Registration Lookup Check your voter registration status anywhere in Illinois. You must vote based on the address of your current permanent residence. There is no need to cancel your voter registration at your previous address.
  • ISideWith.com Take a quiz to find out how your personal views align with candidates’ views, primarily for federal election candidates.
  • BallotReady.org Get stance, biography, news, and endorsement information about candidates on the ballot and print out a customized ballot with your marked selections to take with you on Election Day.
  • Vote411.org Get unbiased information about local candidates, check your voter registration status, and print out a customized ballot with your marked selections to take with you on Election Day.
  • League of Women Voters of Elmhurst Provides unbiased local election and candidate information for Elmhurst, IL.
  • OpenSecrets.org Tracks the flow of money in U.S. politics and its effects on elections and policy.
  • VoteSmart.org Gives unbiased biographical, campaign, voting record, and funding information about candidates. Candidates may also have taken the Political Courage Test that measures a candidate’s willingness to share with the electorate their views on key issues.
  • Media Bias/Fact Check Check the bias of various news sources. The site is funded by advertising and individual donors.
  • AllSides.com Get news from sources with multiple perspectives and biases, collected all in one place.
  • Politifact.com Investigates the veracity of claims made my politicians. This not-for-profit site is funded by partnerships, advertising, and grants.
  • Snopes.com Fact-checks everything from political claims to urban legends. This not-for-profit site is funded primarily by advertising, but also through donations from readers and non-partisan organizations.
  • ProCon.org Provides unbiased, balanced pro/con information on controversial issues.