Love reading newspapers? Read them online with PressReader using your browser or the PressReader app!  Get instant online access to today’s newspapers from around the world in full-color, full-page format. This ever-expanding collection currently includes more than 2,000 U.S. and international titles. Just like reading the familiar print edition, viewers can browse articles and other key content, such as pictures, advertisements, classifieds, and notices. The service also provides up to a 60-day backfile (depending on the title) and the ability to perform keyword searches across all titles and the entire backfile.

Titles include

  • Chicago Tribune
  • Chicago Sun Times
  • Chicago Red Eye
  • USA Today
  • Washington Post

For a complete list of titles, visit the site.

Browser Instructions

Reading newspapers with PressReader is simple using a browser.  Just click the link to the PressReader site above and select the newspaper you wish to read.  Then start reading!

App Instructions

  • The PressReader app can be downloaded from the links on the PressReader site.
  • From inside the Library the app will work automatically without logging in.
  • From outside the Library you will need to follow these instructions:
    1. Establish a free account by visiting PressReader site.
    2. Download the app.
    3. Add your account information to the app.
    4. Your free account must be renewed every 2 days by visiting the PressReader site through a browser and logging in to your account.