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Adaptive Needs Kit

Mother (20s) reading to daughter (2 years) with down syndrome. Main focus on girl.
We want kids of all abilities to be comfortable visiting our Kids’ Library. To help, we’ve developed an Adaptive Needs Kit for children who might need extra assistance navigating through a Library visit. Adaptive Needs Kits are available at the Welcome Desk and at the Kids’ Library help Desk, just ask!

Items Included in each Kit:

Social Story: Going to the Library

This book takes you through the Library with simple sentences and pictures of our Library, from the front door through the Kids’ Library to the Checkout Desk. Included in this short book are visual cues about things you’ll see in the Library and appropriate behaviors.

Visual Schedule Card:

Place pre-printed pictures of the activities you will be doing, in order, on the portable schedule board. Point to the picture when you are about to do the activity, and put completed pictures in the attached [Done] pouch. Twenty picture options are included, with such activity photos as [storytime], [fish tank], [bathroom], [computer], [books], and more.

Cue Card Ring:

Directions made visible while you visit! A dozen behavior cue cards on a handy ring that you can wear while you’re at the Library. Behavior cues include [quiet voice], [hands to self], [share], [my turn], [clean up], [pick one], and others.

Prepare for your Library visit from home!

All our Adaptive Needs Kit materials are also available to download and print for your convenience.


These materials have been made possible in partnership with Community Inclusion Consulting, LLC and Laura Brown, MEd. Printing of these materials is for personal use only.