Local Author Fair

2018 Local Author Fair

Saturday, June 23 from 12 – 3 p.m. in the Large Meeting Room

Presentations from 12:30 – 2 p.m. in the Kossmann Room

The Elmhurst Library is hosting its first Local Author Fair. Many authors will be present who write on a wide variety of subjects and genres for every age. Purchase a book and listen to our presenters share their expertise. Authors, presenters and presentations listed below.

Robyn Bachar

Emily Belden

James Scott Byrnside

Karen M. Carlson

Tim Chapman

Seraya Fulton

Linda Gartz

Margie Gustafson

Libby Fischer Hellmann

Kenneth G Jackson

Stephen Evans Jordan

Vanessa M. Knight

Robin Liefeld

Jessica Moen

Jennifer Meiring

Jamie Lynn Miller

John Miller

Stacey Montgomery

Veronica Montinola

Molly Nechvatal

Keith Olson

Robert M. Pine

Elizabeth Rago

Judy Soria

Lynn Stacy-Smith

Barbara Valentin

Terrie Vanover

CJ Warrant


Be sure to check out our presentations.  

12:30 pm James Scott Byrnside Whodunits and Locked-Room Mysteries.
12:45 pm Emily Belden My Path to a Big-Five Publisher
1:00 pm Linda Gartz A Personal Story of Redlining and West Side Segregation
1:15 pm Seraya Fulton 31 days of Inktober
1:30 pm Tim Chapman Elements of Fiction: Tips for Getting Started
1:45 pm  Vanessa Knight You’re Self Publishing. Now What?