Circulating Nooks

How do I check out a Circulating Nook?bookanook

Just like you would a regular book! They are listed in our catalog. To help you select a Nook that will interest you, we have subdivided them into themes:

  • Popular Fiction
  • Fiction
  • Romance
  • Mystery
  • Nonfiction
  • Book Discussion
  • Graphic Novels
  • Teen
  • Kids

Magazine and Newspapers:

  • Entertainment and Fashion
  • Home and Garden
  • Food and Health
  • Current Events

Find a complete list of our Nooks in our online catalog.

Once you find a topic that is of interest, you can see what titles are on a specific Nook by clicking on its name, for example “EHS Nook Reader 1 : Popular fiction”. Within the record, you will find a list of the titles on that specific Nook.

If it is on shelf, contact us so we can reserve it for you. If you would like to be on the waiting list, “Place a Hold” at the top of the catalog page or contact us.

How long is the check-out time for a Nook?

Regular Nooks – 3 weeks
Hot Copy Nooks – 1 week

Complete loan rules

What if I lose something?

You will need to replace the part at full cost.

Nook Simple Touch = $99 + ($5 processing fee)
Nook Simple Touch case = $16
Nook Simple Touch power adaptor = $20

Nook Color = $199 + ($5 processing fee)
Nook Color case = $20
Nook Color power adaptor = $25

Nook HD = $129 + ($5 processing fee
Nook HD case = $40
Nook HS power adaptor = $25

Nook HD+ = $269 + ($5 processing fee)
Nook HD+ case = $45
Nook HD+ power adaptor = $25

Green bag = $4