Makery Equipment Status

The Makery is open by reservation only.

The Library of Extraordinary Things collection includes a list of Makery-related and inspired equipment. Items are available for check out.

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Save this page for immediate access to know if the equipment you want to use is operational. Operational does not mean the equipment is available. Most equipment is first-come, first-serve. (See exceptions here) Questions? Email the Makery.

Laser Cutter Operational

Carvey Operational

Makerbot 1 Operational

Makerbot 2 Operational

Lulzbot Operational

Viking Sewing Machines:
1  2  3  4  5  Operational

Janome Sewing Machine Operational

Embroidery Machine Operational

Poster Printer Operational

Knitting Machine 1 Operational

Knitting Machine 2 Operational

Laminator Operational

Cricut Maker (Gold) Operational

Cricut Maker (Rose) Operational

Silhouette Cameo 3 Operational

Sublimation Printer Operational