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What is it?

The Mayku FormBox is a vacuum former used to make molds. The ceramic heater has a range of 160°C to 340°C to heat the Cast or Form sheet into a mold. The FormBox contours a plastic mold of your shape. From there, you can use your mold to create chocolates, soaps, plaster replicas, and more!

What can I do?

Make custom molds using the Mayku FormBox. The food-safe Cast Sheets can be used to create custom chocolates, soaps, plaster replicas, and more. The Form Sheets are commonly used to create custom packaging inserts and are not intended for food-related purposes. Read stories online for more inspiration.

What does the Makery provide?

  • Mayku FormBox with vacuum
  • Cast Sheets & Form Sheets. See the Makery Price List for more information.

For safety reasons, staff are unable to use sheets supplied by the patron.

What materials do I need?

  • An item to mold
    • Examples: 3D print, wood item, metal item, concrete
    • Item has to withstand heat from the Mayku. Items that melt easily like chocolates, soaps, soft plastics, etc. cannot be used as molds.
    • Tip: Avoid using items with “undercuts” that will get stuck in the mold.
  • A mix to pour into your mold
    • Examples: melted chocolate, plaster, gelatin, soap, concrete
    • Cast Sheets are food safe. Form Sheets are not intended for food-related projects.
    • Cast and Form Sheets cannot handle high-heat mixes like resin or melted metals



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