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The sublimation printer works like any other inkjet printer except it uses sublimation ink and paper. Sublimation inks evaporate when heated so they can bond to white polyester and poly-coated materials, called “sublimation blanks” or “substrates.”

Print logos, photographs, or text. If you can print it on a “normal” printer, then you can print it on a sublimation printer! Use the sublimation printer with a heat press to make custom shirts, mugs, coasters, stickers, puzzles, and more.


  1. Sawgrass SG1000 Sublimation Printer with SubliJet UHD ink
    • SubliJet is a CMYK set: cyan, magenta, yellow, and black
  2. Sublimation Paper
  3. Siser EasySubli HTV and some sublimation blanks
  4. Heat Presses — see specifics here
  5. Heat-Resistant Tape
  6. Butcher Paper and Teflon sheets

See the Makery Price List for paper sizes and available sublimation blanks.

You Must Bring

  1. Digital design file
    • Image files (JPG, PNG, TIFF)
    • Document files (.doc, ppt, PDF)
    • Adobe CC files (.ai, .psd, PDF)
    • Prepare your design document to match the size of the paper being used (i.e. to print on 11″ x 17″ paper, adjust your document size to match 11″ x 17″). If the document size does not match the paper size, the design may be stretched, cut off, or pixelated.
    • Avoid white or light colors. Since there is no white ink cartridge, parts of your design that are white will be the color of your sublimation blank.
    • The Makery laptops have Inkscape, Word, and Publisher available to prepare your design. The Creative Studio on the 2nd Floor has the full Adobe Creative Suite including Photoshop and Illustrator to prepare your design.
  2. Material to sublimate onto (i.e. a substrate or sublimation blank)

Always bring extra material. The Makery is not a production facility. Most projects require testing and refining. Things don’t always turn out well on the first try. Be ready to experiment.


  • Polyester (white or light-colored) — Required for sublimation. Higher polyester content is best, recommended 75% minimum.
  • Polyester (black or dark-colored) — May require Siser EasySubli HTV to provide a white background.
  • Cotton — Not recommended. Cotton does not bond with sublimation ink. Requires Siser EasySubli HTV to provide a sublimatable surface.
  • Rayon — AVOID RAYON. Rayon burns and will darken in the shape of the heat press.

Other Materials

  • Non-fabric items must be poly-coated and heat resistant. Look for items marked “sublimation blank.”
  • Items not designed for sublimation will not work.
  • Sublimation blanks often come with recommended heat settings and instructions. Keep the original packaging and bring it with you to the Makery.

Learning and Resources

Classes in the Makery – New programs every quarter!

LinkedIn Learning – Online video tutorials for design software such as Adobe Photoshop

CreativeBug – Online crafting tutorials — great for inspiration!

Sawgrass SG1000 User Guide







Makery Craft:  Sublimation Puzzle

Makery Craft:  Custom Apron

Sublimation Printer Overview

VIDEO — Sawgrass SG1000 Sublimation Printer Overview

VIDEO — Using Siser EasySubli Vinyl

VIDEO — Siser® EasySubli™ Vinyl

All About Sublimation

Sawgrass Presents The Complete Guide to Sublimation Success — learn more about sublimation technology, design tips, color theory, and more

Materials for Sublimation

Amazon — Search “Sublimation Blanks”

Cricut — Cricut Infusible Ink blanks are sublimation ready.

JP Plus — check the “Documents” section on their product pages to find templates, heating instructions, more


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