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User Guide: Serger

What is it?

Brother Overlock 1034DX User Manual

A serger, also known as an overlock sewing machine, is used to sew a seam, trim off raw edges, and finish an edge all at the same time. Depending on the fabric, the serger will sew a stretchable, durable seam and will prevent fraying.

Watch the Brother 1034D Serger Overview video for step-by-step assistance. Additional video tutorials can be found on Creativebug searching “Brother Serger.”

What can I do?

The Brother 1034DX Serger is a 3/4 serger, which can sew with three or four threads. The serger can sew overlock, narrow overlock, rolled hem, and blind hem. Depending on your fabric, you might need to sew a seam first on a sewing machine before using the serger.

What does the Makery provide?

  • The Brother 1034DX Serger machine
  • Standard #80 and #90 sewing needles

What do I need?

  • Three or four serger thread or overlock thread spools
    • Serger thread spools are much larger than sewing thread spools. Sewing thread spools will likely not be enough to complete a project.
  • Fabric on which to sew

Thread Information Chart

Stitch Type Number of Spools
Overlock/”4-thread overlock” 4
Narrow Overlock/”3-thread overlock” 3
Rolled Hem 3
Blind Hem 3 or 4

Chart of Narrow Overlock/Rolled Hemming Stitch

Sewing Materials, Threads and Needles Comparison Chart


  • Watch “How to Thread a Serger” on Creativebug
  • Watch other project tutorials on Creativebug for the serger.

Where can I buy materials?

Elmhurst Public Library does not endorse nor profit from these links. These are suggestions of where you can purchase items to use in the Makery but are by no means an exhaustive list. 

Reserve the Serger


  • Call (630) 279-8696 or email about your reservation
  • Reservations are limited to one-hour
  • One reservation a day
  • Maximum of two upcoming reservations
  • Reservation requests can be made every week starting Monday at 9:00 a.m.