The Makery

First Timer’s Guide – T-Shirt Press

What is it?

This manual clamshell heat press can get up to 500° for transferring images onto soft materials.

What can I do?

Transfer printed images, logos, and more onto onto cotton and polyester garments, canvas bags, mouse mats, ceramic tiles, T-shirts/shirts/sweatpants, jigsaw puzzles and more.

What do I need?

  • Fabric Transfer
    • You can purchase dark or light transfers. Using an inkjet printer you can print a full-color design to transfer to a shirt, bag, or more.
  • A shirt, bag, apron, sweatshirt, bag, or other “soft” item to transfer images onto. It should be made out of a material that works with whatever type of fabric transfer you’re purchased. For example, Avery transfers work with 100% cotton or cotton/polyester blends.

The Makery has transfer paper available for purchase for individuals using the Heat Press. Each sheet costs $1 and includes the price of the copy.

 Where to buy materials?

  • Amazon or craft stores like Jo-Ann or Michaels have the transfer paper. Michaels is also a great source for shirts, bags, and more to print on.

Elmhurst Public Library does not endorse nor profit from these links. These are suggestions of where you can purchase items to use in the Makery but are by no means an exhaustive list.