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Poster Printing


The Poster Printer is available only when the Makery is open.
Questions? Contact makery@elmlib.org.


The paper is 42 inches wide. Minimum poster size is 20 inches on one side. We only have the ability to print on standard white paper. No specialty or glossy rolls of paper are available. (Ask us about 11×17 printing.)


The cost for printing is 50¢ per linear inch. Payment by cash or check only. Printing cost examples:

20 x 30 24 x 36 42 x 42
 $10  $12  $21


Typically we can print posters within 24 hours. Patrons wishing to have a project printed on the Library’s poster printer must bring in their poster image on a USB drive. At that time, staff will be able to let you know an estimated time when the print job will be done. The time it takes to print your job will depend on the graphic intensity of your design, as well as how many other print jobs are already waiting to be printed. You will be notified when your print job is finished.


  • Edit your poster carefully. Consider the dpi, look for typos, misalignments, pixelation, stray lines or other oddities. Staff are not responsible for the aesthetic design or content of your poster. If you discover a mistake after the poster is printed you will still be charged for the poster.
  • Posters are not fade resistant and will fade over time. A poster placed in a brightly lit window will fade fairly quickly.
  • We cannot mass produce posters. For multiple copies of a poster you will need to seek a commercial printer.
  • We only have the ability to print on standard white paper. No specialty rolls of paper are available.
  • Files need to be packaged with fonts/linked files
  • Recommended file types: .ai, .eps, .indd, but others accepted (including .jpg, .docx).
  • The Library reserves the right to refuse any poster print that does not comply with policy, size, or time restrictions.
  • If your poster print is not picked up and paid for in a timely manner, the Library will not accept future requests.
  • You might want to bring a mailing tube with you to protect your print job while you are transporting it.