The Makery

Making Use of The Makery


  • The Makery is reserved specifically for the use of creating. Patrons may use other areas in the Library to read, relax, or do other work not related to DIY projects.
  • Children younger than middle school-age must be directly supervised at all times by a parent or caregiver while in the Makery.
  • It’s important to keep safety in mind while using the Makery. If you’re unsure what to do, ask!
  • The Makery is not available as a meeting space. To request a scout visit, please visit our Scout Services page. To request a tour of the Makery, please fill out our Tour Request Form or email Groups who have not been confirmed by the Library Scout Coordinator or Assistant Makery Manager may be asked to leave.

Get Inspired

Come to the Makery with a project in mind. Visit websites like PinterestInstructablesMakeCraftsterEtsyCraftsyThingiverse for inspiration.

Get Prepared

Go to the equipment page to see what kind of materials you need to bring with you in order to complete your project.

Get Familiar

Watch YouTube videos or manufacturer equipment videos to familiarize yourself with the machines. (See the Makery equipment page for more info)

Get Planning

Allow enough time for your visit. You may need several hours of dedicated time to complete your project.

Get Involved

Because children require direct supervision in the Makery, please do not bring your projects to the Makery if you are visiting with children.

Get Extras

Depending on what your project, you may need to bring extra supplies. There is a learning curve with all the machinery in the Makery and it’s rare that something turns out perfectly the first time.

Get Smart

Staff provides assistance with machinery, however they are not available for lengthy one-on-one tutorials. If you need to learn about a machine, Sign up for a class offered in our Fine Print newsletter.

Get Making

The Makery is meant to be a creative space for independent and group learning. We encourage you to explore projects and ideas on your own and then use the Makery to transform your ideas into reality.