Makery Policies

The Makery is open by reservation only.

The Library of Extraordinary Things collection includes a list of Makery-related and inspired equipment. Items are available for check out.

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The Makery at the Elmhurst Public Library provides a hands-on creative space for patrons to invent, collaborate, and design as they transform their ideas into reality. The Makery is reserved specifically for the use of creating. Patrons may use other areas in the Library to read, relax, or do other work not related to DIY projects.


The Makery is open to Elmhurst Public Library patrons only. Elmhurst Public Library Makery patrons are defined as: Elmhurst residents, students who attend Elmhurst schools, teachers who teach at Elmhurst schools, Work Perks cardholders, business cardholders, and Elmhurst University students.

Adult supervision is required for anyone below the age of middle school.

Use of Machinery/Equipment

Patrons may check out machines and equipment for use in the Makery with a valid Elmhurst Public Library card. Patrons are required to bring their own materials to use in the Makery. Some materials will be available for purchase to use with specific equipment in order to maintain the integrity of the machinery.

Makery Equipment may not be used to create materials that are:

  • prohibited by local, state or federal law
  • used as weapons
  • unsafe, harmful, dangerous or pose a threat to the well-being of others
  • obscene or otherwise inappropriate for the Library environment
  • in violation of another’s intellectual property rights


The Library is not responsible for failed projects. We reserve the right to halt, delete, or disallow the creation of items that violate Elmhurst Public Library policies.


See all Library policies on the Policies page.