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Knitting Machine

What is it?

Even larger knitted items, even more possibilities, even more fun with knitting; The Addi-Express “Kingsize” model is mounted onto the table and remains securely in position. Simply turn the handle and the wheel begins to turn. With the 46 sturdy pins, you will be knitting trendy scarves and woolly hats within a matter of minutes and you will be knitting smart stolas and jumpers within a few hours. All of the pin have a number so that they can be simply accelerated and decelerated and the electronic row counter enables work to be carried out with precision.

What can I do?

How to convert hand knit patterns to machine knit patterns

Looking for the Wizard Scarf tutorials?

What do I need?

  • A pattern (simple ones to get started: Hat | Scarf | Infinity Scarf)
  • Yarn (worsted weight works best.)
  • Anywhere from 30 minutes for a simple hat to several hours for a larger piece.
  • The library currently does not sell materials to use with the knitting machine.
  • There is no cost to use the machine.

What materials can I use?

The easiest yarn to use is a worsted wool, however other fibers and weight may work- Always knit a small swatch on the machine before starting your project so you will know how the yarn behaves.


Where can I buy materials?


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