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Brother Embroidery Machine NQ1600e


The Brother Innov-is NQ1600e embroidery machine is a computerized sewing machine that embroiders fabric. You can use the embroidery machine personalize, embellish, and monogram home décor items, garments, and accessories. There are many built-in designs and fonts. Custom designs can be made on Hatch Embroidery software, available for use in the Makery, or purchased online as digital .PES files.


  1. Brother Innov-is NQ1600e embroidery machine
  2. Machine embroidery hoops
    • Small – 1″ x 2.5″
    • Medium – 4″ x 4″
    • Large – 5″ x 7″
    • Extra Large – 6″ x 10″
  3. Machine embroidery needles
    • Size 11/75 – good for most fabrics
    • Size 14/90 – best for heavier material
  4. Pre-wound bobbins
  5. Machine embroidery thread
  6. Stabilizer

You Must Bring

  1. Fabric to embroider
    • Up to 3mm thick
  2. A design file in .PES format

    • Built-In Designs – free to use monograms, fonts, and designs.
    • Purchase Designs – purchase designs from sites such as
    • Make Your Own – use Hatch Embroidery software, available in the Makery, to create your own designs.
  3. OPTIONAL – Machine embroidery thread
    • Machine embroidery thread is available for purchase at the Makery, but you can bring your own.
    • Only following brands are approved to use with the embroidery machine:
      • Gutermann
      • Madeira
      • Robison-Anton
      • Simplicity Pro
      • Sulky
  4. OPTIONAL – Stabilizer
    • Stabilizer is available for purchase at the Makery, but you can bring your own.
    • The following brands are recommended:
      • Floriani
      • Sulky

Always bring extra material. The Makery is not a production facility. Most projects require testing and refining. Things don’t always turn out well on the first try. Be ready to experiment.


Choosing the best stabilizer is vital to the success of our project. The wrong stabilizer can cause problems with your design and the machine. Your stabilizer choice depends on the fabric you are using.

Stabilizer Types

Used for: Best used on: Comes in: Removal:
Cut-away stabilizers Permanent support Terry cloth towels, knits, loosely woven, or unstable fabrics Light to heavy weights Not removed, except for cutting away excess
Tear-away stabilizers Temporary support Firmly woven, natural-fiber, stable fabrics Light to heavy weights; fusible and non-fusible Torn away, but not always completely removable, depending on brand and stitch pattern
Heat-away stabilizers Temporary support Non-washable, for cutwork or lace embroidery Woven sheets, plastic film Completely removable with iron and caution
Wash-away stabilizers Temporary support Only as top layer for looped fabrics (such as towels) for clean embroidered look. Requires a bottom stabilizer of cut-away, tear-away, or heat-away. Plastic film, paper sheets, brush-on or sprayable liquid Completely removable with water

Stabilizer Recommendations

Fabric Design Density:

Recommended Stabilizer:

Canvas Medium/Solid

Backing: heavyweight tear-away

Canvas Light Backing: lightweight tear-away
Cotton Shirt Light/Medium Backing: lightweight tear-away
Cotton Shirt Solid/Heavy Backing: Medium Tear-Away, Medium cut-away
Knit Sweater All Backing: Tear-Away
Topper: Wash-Away
Linen All Backing: lightweight tear-away (might need 2 layers); medium cut-away
Terry cloth / Towels Light/Medium Backing: Cut-Away, Tear-Away
Topper: Wash-Away
Terry cloth / Towels Solid/Heavy Backing: Cut-Away
Woven Cotton
All Backing: Medium Tear-Away, Heat -Away


Learning and Resources

Classes in the Makery – New programs every quarter!

LinkedIn Learning – Online video tutorials for design software such as Adobe Photoshop

CreativeBug – Online crafting tutorials — great for inspiration!

Brother Innov-is NQ 1600e Manual

Brother NQ1600e Quick Reference Guide

Brother NQ1600e Embroidery Design Guide

Stabilizer Resources

Baby Lock Stabilizer Reference Guide

Floriani Stabilizer Quick Reference Guide

Floriani Stabilizer Workbook


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File Type .PES



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