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Record a Song

Recording audio can be a highly rewarding, creative experience, but there’s a lot that goes into even the smallest of recordings. There are a few things to consider and take note of before you start your journey into audio production.

1. Write a song about something that interests you

Sometimes, writing a song can be difficult and writer’s block is a common condition. Write about things that interest you or a unique situation you’ve found yourself in. Sometimes, completely nonsense songs can even just get the creative juices going.

2. Don’t rush into the studio

One big mistake often made is rushing into the studio to record a song before it’s fully done. You should be putting more time into crafting a song than recording it. People would much rather listen to an excellent song with okay production than an awful song with pretty production.

3. Know what you want to accomplish at the studio

Before you enter the recording studio to record, it is an excellent idea to know going in what songs you plan on recording. It is important to have in mind the instrumentation for each song so you are able to create an effective plan of attack upon arriving at the studio. Think about how many songs you would like to record. Are you recording an EP or an LP, or maybe just a single song? Budgeting your time is essential.

4. Know when you’ve recorded the best take possible

Many musicians get caught up trying to record a flawless take, but sometimes, it’s best to know when the musician has recorded their best they can for the day. Recording a song doesn’t have to be done in a single take. You can edit recordings and combine several parts of different recordings together to fashion the ideal take, but rarely does it ever happen all at once.

5. Set realistic expectations for your early sessions

Your first time recording your own music will be a learning experience. Recording music can be a very intricate and tricky process and your songs will not come out sounding as good as top 20 radio hits right away. However, with some patience and practice, it is entirely possible to write, play, and record your own music yourself!

For more technical information consult the link below:

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