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Digitize Your Slides and Negatives

jumbl126KPK Super 8 Scanner

jumble sanner

What You Can Convert

35mm, 110, 126KPK and Super 8 Slides and Negatives to digital images.

What You Will Need

Slides/negatives to transfer and an SD card (optional).

How It Works

The jumblscanner is a small, stand-alone device that gives you a preview on screen and scans in one single image at a time. These images can be saved directly to an SD card or they can be saved to a computer when connected via USB cable. The scanner comes with 4 adapters to fit Slides, Negatives, Super 8 and 110 Inserts.

When using your own SD card, be aware that this device may need to reformat your SD card before writing to it. Reformatting will erase all data currently saved to your card and you will be unable to get the information restored.

By using the settings on the device, you can make adjustments before digitizing. Adjustments include: Mirroring; Rotate; Flip; and Fine Tune the Coloration and Relative Brightness.

Detailed Instructions are provided with the manual upon checkout.


For more information:

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