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Digitize Your CD


  1. Insert CD into disk drive (you may have to get one from the Info Desk)
  2. Plug disk drive into USB port.
  3. Open iTunes.
  4. Check your iTunes settings. By default, iTunes will import (or rip) CD tracks using the AAC encoder at 256 kbps, you can change the format and other quality settings or leave this how it is.
  5. When the list of songs appears in the iTunes window, click to remove the checkmark next to any songs you don’t want to import.
  6. Click Import CD.
  7. Your CD will now be listed in the iTunes library.
  8. To retrieve the files right click on one of the songs and click “Show in Finder”, from there you will be able to e­mail files, copy to USB drive, edit in DAW, etc.