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Special Needs Resources for Kids

EPL Assistive Technology



(available for checkout and on library computer K21) Database of 3,500+ picture communication symbols used to make printed communication boards, device overlays, worksheets, schedules, calendars, etc.

Dragon Naturally Speaking

Enables user to communicate with the computer in the most natural way — by speaking. Allows user to quickly create email messages, documents, and letters all by voice.  c2007

Instant Immersion. American Sign Language

Combining extensive background material with practical language instruction, this is the user-friendly way to start signing.  c2005


Commons Sense Media’s Learning Differences and Special Needs Apps Guide

Adaptive Toys

Five Plate Busy Box

This fun-filled activity center provides five stations for somatosensory stimulation: a bright yellow plate activates an AM/FM radio, a large red plate vibrates when touched, a wooden roller sounds a buzzer, a pull ball turns on a music box, and a large orange plate turns on a bright light. Each of the switch plates has been designed to enhance sensory awareness. #833 (Requires 2 C batteries.)

Animal Rock

Activate fun animal sounds! The frog makes a “ribbet” sound, the dog “barks” and the cat “meows”. Three finger isolation buttons are located on the “rocks” which help promote manipulation and coordination skills. When pressed, the white button vibrates and makes soothing water sounds, the blue button makes owl sounds and the black button activates a light and makes forest noises.#829 (Requires 6 AA batteries.)

Finger Isolation Busy Box

Provides stimulation and enhances finger isolation! To activate a response an individual has to purposefully press the recessed buttons with his or her finger. Upon activation, the five colorful buttons produce an assortment of stimulation including lights, vibration, music, and gentle breezes. #834 (Requires 2 C batteries.)

Sensory Discrimination Kit

Tactile sensations! Each brightly colored holder (3” x 3”) is housed in an impact-resistant frame that represents a different texture for sensory evaluation or treatment. Icons are attached by velcro so they can be repositioned. #1167

Lights, Vibration, Somatosensory Tube

Perfect for developing grasping skills, localizing sound and teaching cause and effect. Simply pick up the tube, hold it in a vertical position and it instantly rewards you with glowing lights and soothing vibrations. #832 (Requires 2 AA batteries)

Latches Board

Seven hinged pieces feature six different kinds of locks and latches. Opening the latches and hinged pieces reveals a picture behind each. Includes a red barn door with a hook latch, a green toy box with a snap lock, a white gate with a sliding bolt, and a brown chest with a lock latch. #827, #966, and #1305 (Ages 3 & up)

Sound Blocks

These blocks help to develop the sense of hearing and the ability to distinguish between loud and soft, clear and dark tones, or high and low. Children also learn to recognize the contents of the Sound Blocks by the noise they make when shaken. Acrylic windows allow children to check whether they have guessed correctly. Each block is filled with a different material, which makes a different sound when shaken. #871

Labyrinth Balance Board (and Balance Board Junior #872)

Children and adults have so much fun with this balance board that they are unaware of how good it is for them. While they maneuver the balls along the groove they are developing balance, coordination, determination and patience. Move the balls from the outer circle to the middle, or for a little easier goal…move the balls from the inside to the outside. #828

Farm Animals Knob Puzzle Switch Box with Piglet

Four-piece large-knob puzzle depicts a cow, sheep, rooster and pig, and is housed in a red plastic switch box. Remove all the animals and place them correctly.  An adaptive barnyard friend, PeeWee Piglet, activates when all of the pieces are in their proper places by oinking, walking, and moving her head.

Flying Colors Hopscotch Music Board

Play along with our music board. Each numbered, color-coded button produces a different musical tone. Press each button in order to work on color and number recognition. Or, let users work with the coded music book that lets them follow by number or color to play simple tunes.

Butterfly Spinner

Press your capability switch and create a swirling blend of colors and music, and watch as the butterflies and ladybugs spin around. Encourages visual attention and enhances auditory skills.

Carnival Tube

A simple swipe at the mounted Rainstick creates lights, music and vibration. Can also be used as a switch and has a hidden control on the bottom to turn on and off sound, lights or vibrations.

BIGmack Communicator

Record any single message directly into the BigMack communicator and press its activation surface for playback up to two minutes in length. Connect a toy or appliance for additional motivation. With its large, 5 inch activation surface, BigMack is an excellent choice for persons with visual impairments and persons with physical disabilities who require a larger target area.

Magnetic Gears

Eleven colorful plastic gears spin on the magnetic easel. Each gear does something different: clicking, whirring, google eyes, turning arm. Works with and without a capability switch.