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Digitize Your Cassette

Tascam CC­222MKIV CD Recorder / Cassette Deck



  1. Insert cassette into cassette tray on left side.
  2. Insert blank CD­R into disk tray on right side.
  3. Plug headphones into headphone jack with volume all the way down.
  4. Set headphone monitor to Tape for now.
  5. Use playback controls on cassette side to play cassette and check for signal.
  6. Adjust input volume until signal is strong but never peaking.
  7. Put CD side into record mode by pressing record button.
  8. Switch headphone monitor to CD to verify signal is reaching CD side.
  9. Stop cassette and rewind to point where you want recording to start.
  10. Press play on CD side to start recording.
  11. Press play on cassette side to start dubbing.
  12. When recording is done press stop on cassette side and then on CD side.
  13. With unit in standby press Finalize button.
  14. To start finalize process press the ENTER button.


See Digitize your CD for instructions on how to transfer and save this digital file.


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